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About Us


How did it all begin?

We've been in your shoes...


Ian McCracken founded GroupSync (formerly RoseConnect) his Senior year as a member of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity at Baylor University. He noticed that, as the chapter grew, the ability for the Executive Council to communicate important information such as dates, times, & locations became more difficult. Email distribution lists simply weren’t working. Members wouldn’t read the emails or they’d delete them after they read them and forget the relevant information. Meetings became the only venue to communicate any information, but with members missing meetings for test preparation, class, & intramural games, even they were ineffective since only a small group was reached. Members became inactive simply because they were not informed of upcoming events. Something had to be done.




He developed GroupSync with the following features for his chapter:


  • Completely Members-Only, private and secure site with easy access from any computer or smart phone
  • Centralized Group Calendar with the capability to email members with reminders
  • Detailed Member Database editable by any member, easing the Secretary’s job while keeping information up-to-date
  • Centralized File Storage location for ensuring everybody has the most up-to-date chapter documents including By-Laws, Constitution, presentations, etc.
  • Recruitment Database with the ability to build a ‘Rushee Profile’ for each recruit, including not only contact information, but high school attended, hobbies, rush events attended, friends within the rush class, friends within the chapter, and much more.
  • Separate Committee Sites, some available only to those on the committee, so committees could have their own announcements, blogs, calendar, and File storage
  • Alumni section including a separate Alumni Database and Job Board for internship and full-time opportunities available to other alumni or current members
  • Urgent Alerts feature so member’s could immediately text message all members about important changes to meeting locations, cancellations, and last-minute updates
  • Private sites for Pledges, Executive Committee, and other committees that need to store information that other members shouldn’t be able to see
  • Attendance, Points, and Service Hour tracking to make sure everybody knows where they stand in completing mandatory requirements


GroupSync was a huge success once launched. In fact, the Theta Kappa Chapter of Pi Kappa Phi had the largest pledge class a year after implementation due, in part, to the system’s ability to keep everybody informed, track recruits, and make sure everybody was on the same page. Furthermore, once inactive members have again become active, contributing members.

Ian knew his chapter wasn’t the only group facing these same communication gaps and issues. To help take GroupSync to other groups, he partnered with Craig Smith, a fellow Baylor MIS major and a member of Phi Kappa Chi Fraternity at Baylor. Together, they enhanced GroupSync and added many features to make it an invaluable tool to other college groups, non-profit organizations, and small businesses.



About Ian

Ian McCracken is the President and Founder of GroupSync. He graduated from Baylor University in May, 2008 with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management Information Systems and Professional Sales.


GroupSync is not the first business Ian started. In Tulsa, Ian’s first business, Encompassed Technologies, is still very successful in helping individuals and small organizations with their computer support needs. Although Ian is now in Dallas, he is still able to help clients remotely and has associates in Tulsa for on-site needs.


While at Baylor, Ian was a Founding Father and Vice President of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity. He also served several years in Baylor’s Student Government, Baylor’s Management Information System Leadership Class, and various other service and professional organizations.


Ian enjoys working out, spending time with family and friends, and is an active member of Park Cities Baptist Church in Dallas.  



About Craig

Craig Smith is the Vice President of GroupSync.  He is currently a senior at Baylor University and a member of Phi Kappa Chi Fraternity.  Craig is pursuing a degree in Management Information Systems and is scheduled to graduate in May of 2010.


Craig started his first company, Jump Time, in 2001.  This company consisted of renting out inflatable bounce houses for birthday parties and other special events.  About a year later, he started his second business which would later be known as Balloons by Craig.  Companies and organizations would hire Craig to create balloon sculptures to entertain kids of all ages.  Recently, he created a full length instructional video on how to create balloon sculptures and is currently selling copies of his DVD.


During his time at Baylor, Craig has worked for New Student Programs, has been an active member of Phi Kappa Chi Fraternity, and has been a big brother for Kappa Chi Alpha Sorority.  While spending a majority of his time involved in these areas, he has also served in other roles around campus.


Craig enjoys playing the drums, listening to music, spending time with friends, and working on the computer.  He is also involved in Highland Baptist Church in Waco and enjoys fellowshipping with his friends.