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Points, Service Hours, and Attendance

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Announcement Emails.

Conventional email distribution lists don’t work. Members receive too many emails and even important emails are accidentally deleted or quickly skimmed. With GroupSync, members can receive announcements specifically targeted to them. For example, as the Social committee plans the 80’s mixer in the quad, all of those emails that would have been sent out to the entire group, but pertain only to those planning the mixer, now only go out to the Social Committee members. Flag Football B Team Practice Cancelled? Why email the entire group when you can easily post an Announcement to that team only? GroupSync makes it easy to send an email to the entire group or only to those who need the information.

Additionally, all announcements (with attachments) are centrally stored on the GroupSync site so members can always refer back to them, even if they’ve deleted the email.

Need to make an update to an Announcement you already sent? Simply edit the existing announcement, and the new one will be immediately emailed to the group.



A centralized group calendar is easily accessible on the homepage of your GroupSync site. Calendars can sync to member’s personal calendars or smart phones. Each committee can have a calendar on their site too. Committees can maintain events on their own calendars and even share group-wide events to the main group calendar. Instead of cluttering up the main group calendar with individual committee meetings, only share “Group-Wide Events” on the main calendar, while maintaining “Committee Events” on the committee calendar.


Calendar Reminders.

Forgetful members? Increase retention and attendance with Reminders! For important events, GroupSync can send individuals, committees or the entire group email reminders with the Event Title, Start/End Times, Location and Description. These reminders can be sent at various times ranging from 6 weeks before the event all the way up to 30 minutes before!


Urgent Text Message Alerts.

What does your group do when the meeting has to be moved last minute? Phone trees are a thing of the past and emails won’t work when people are already on their way. With GroupSync, you can send an Urgent Alert. Members can easily send urgent messages that automatically text message and email the group of last minute changes or reminders! And, since GroupSync is fully compatible with your smart phone, you can even send an Urgent Alert when you’re away from your computer!


Member Database.

Maintain a detailed Member Database editable by any member easing the job of the Secretary. With the Member Database, groups can store unlimited amounts of information including Membership Number, Committee, Leadership Position, Parent’s Address, T-Shirt Size and the lists goes on! And, since each site is completely private with all data encrypted, you can safely store sensitive information!

You can easily sort any information in the database for any reports you may need. Need to find out how many members will graduate this May? Sort the field marked, “Expected Graduation” and you can instantly find out how many and who!

Member Database

Recruitment Database.

Keep track of Potential New Members with the Recruitment Database. Members can create profiles for each Potential New Member and update each Potential New Member’s profile throughout the Recruitment process. Each profile can be customized and can contain everything from the Potential New Member’s contact information, residence hall, activities, honors, hobbies, high school attended, attachments (resume, pictures, etc.), etc. And, each member can update this information throughout the process, giving all members talking points when they meet the Potential New Member!

Just like the Member Database, any information stored in the Database can be sorted. For example, think you have a lot of sophomores going through the Recruitment process? Just sort by, “Classification” and find out!

The Recruitment Database also permits you to identify friends within the Recruitment process so you can track who knows who within the Rush Class! It also works to identify who knows who within your Membership! Do you really want Brad to join your group, but you know Brad won’t choose your group if Chris doesn’t join too? Link it all together with the “Friends with” feature. That way, you can easily identify who are friends within the Recruitment class or the membership! It makes voting and the whole bid-to-membership process much easier!


Each profile also contains an optional field called “Rush Manager.” With the “Rush Manager” feature, each Potential New Member can be assigned to a current member establishing a central point of contact. The Rush Manager could be the lead person rushing that Potential New Member, someone who attended the same high school, a member of the Recruitment Committee or someone assigned by Leadership. The Manager should act as a guide to the Potential New Member ensuring he/she is aware of upcoming events, the recruitment process, etc. Managers are automatically emailed whenever someone adds information to one of their recruit’s profile making the Manager’s role easier.

And, to make things even easier, Recruit’s information from their profile can be transferred to the Member Database with a few clicks upon initiation or acceptance of membership in the group.

Recruitment Database

Committee Sites.

GroupSync creates a virtual conference room for each committee! Committee’s can benefit from the same features the overall “group-site” uses without interrupting members who are not involved in the committee. Since Committee Sites have their own Announcements section, use it to reach your committee members! Maintain a committee calendar but share “group-wide events” back to the Group Calendar. Each Committee Site even maintains its own file sections and committee members can even prevent non-committee members from editing or viewing certain information.


Private Sites.

Some committees have private information that shouldn’t be accessible to other members. With GroupSync, these committees can have their own private sites accessible only to those members. Not only can other members not visit these sites, they don’t even appear when unauthorized members log in, making the site appear as if it doesn’t even exist! Members with access to the site will see the site listed across the top as an available site to visit.

Private Sites

File Management.

With GroupSync, all of the organization’s documents, presentations, or spreadsheets can be stored and easily accessible. Concerned about a leader’s computer crashing taking all of your important documents, updated Constitution, Budgets, etc. with it? Or, what about a leader gradating leaving you with no documents, forms, etc. to run your organization? You no longer have to worry with GroupSync. Just store all the files on your GroupSync site!

Committee Sites even have their own dedicated Files section. And, with Unique Access Restrictions, you can choose who can view or edit any file! Get organized and stay effective with GroupSync!


Live Edit.

Unlike traditional online file storage, Members can edit Microsoft Office files (Word, PowerPoint, or Excel) live through the site. Any updated file automatically creates a new version so you can always go back to a previous version to see what has changed! Something get deleted? Not a problem, go back to an earlier version instantly! Members can even request to be notified when a file changes. Upon a change, those members who requested to be notified will automatically receive an email indicating the file has been changed. And, “Live Edit” even prevents two people from editing the same file at the same time.


Do you have something that you only want posted but not edited? Turn off “Live Edit” for certain documents which only permits “Live Edit” for approved members (everybody else will only be able to read the file).

Live Edit
Service Points

Points, Service Hours, and Attendance.

Most organizations have an attendance or ‘points policy’. With GroupSync, Leadership can input “points”, attendance, fines, service hours or anything else they need to track. Members can automatically see where they stand so they know if they need to get a date for the upcoming dance, or if they’re ineligible to go!


Although members can view their points, they are prevented from changing them. Only Leadership can make the changes, adding accountability and integrity to the system. But, as with most features, any of this can be customized for your group.


Shirts, Tickets, and Merchandise.

Managing signup lists for shirts, tickets and other merchandise can be a hassle! Signup sheets get lost and the group ends up losing tons of money by ordering too many or having to place additional orders because they didn’t order enough.


With GroupSync, Members can sign up for shirts (and choose quantity and sizes), tickets or any other kind of merchandise. Need to change an order? Simply login and edit your order. And, since each order is logged by a member’s specific login, members can only sign up for their own stuff, ensuring members don’t sign up their friend for something he/she doesn’t want!


When it comes time to placing the final group order, Leadership can “close” the signup list preventing new orders. Reports can be generated so leadership knows exactly what to order! Just print the report and take it to your vendor to place the order!



Blogs are a great way to give members a voice to express concerns or ideas. Had a really rough day? Seek encouragement with a Blog posting! Or, give encouragement to a fellow group-member with a Blog!


Include a Blog on each committee site too for discussions specific to their committee! Need recruitment ideas? Service ideas? Use the blog within that committee’s site!


The Alumni Site also includes a Blog. Checkout the Alumni Section details below to see how you can keep Alumni involved with Blogs!



Want some feedback on where to go on a retreat? With the survey tool, members can complete surveys. Surveys can have unlimited questions and responses can be “fill-in”, scoring (1-10), multiple choice (checkboxes) or single-choice (select one). Results are automatically tabulated giving the Executive Council a clear idea of member’s opinions. Need the responses to stay private? No problem! Worried about members skewing the results by taking the survey more than once? Not with GroupSync. Since members access the site with their unique login, the system prevents them from taking surveys more than once!  

Mobile Access

Smart Phone/Mobile Access.

GroupSync is accessible via smart phone or mobile device. And, with 256-bit encryption, you don’t have to worry about security! GroupSync even offers a quick loading, no-frills site for user’s with slower cellular connections.


Associate Members/Pledges.

Since GroupSync allows you to setup private sites, setup a site for your associate members or pledges. Members involved in the associate membership process can post documents or other files, offering an efficient way to distribute information. The Associate Members Site also includes an Associate Members Database, Calendar and Announcements Section. It can even be configured with Urgent Alerts so you can immediately contact associate members if you need them last minute! And, since it’s a private site, Members not involved in the Associate Membership process can’t access the site. Likewise, associate members won’t be able to access other aspects of your GroupSync site until initiated.


Alumni Section.

Involved Alumni can be great resources for advice, guidance and financial support for your group. Keep them involved with GroupSync!


Upon graduation, the information in the Member Database can easily be converted to the Alumni Database. The Alumni Database also includes employment information, spouse and children’s names, birthdays, home and office contact information, etc. And, since the database can be customized for each group, we can add as much information as needed!


The Alumni section also includes an Alumni Job Board. Alumni can post available positions for internships, full-time hires or even experienced positions available to fellow alumni.


Alumni also have their own Calendar (with Reminders), Files section for slideshows, documents, or spreadsheets and Announcements to immediately email all Alumni.


Alumni also have their own Alumni Blog. With the blog, Alumni can stay connected by sharing memories, experiences, ideas and even provide suggestions for the Group’s Leadership.


Although the Alumni site is the only site available to the Alumni (unless your group decides to give them access to other sections), it fully integrates into member’s GroupSync as if it were simply another committee site. This seamless transition makes it easy for members to interact and communicate with alumni.



We provide on-site training for the “Site Admin” for your group. We’ll train your Site Admin (many times the Secretary) in adding new members, converting members to alumni status, adding new fields to databases, customizing access restrictions, etc.  And, since we’re only a phone call away, we can always give you a refresher if needed!

Special Access

Special Access Restrictions.

Want the Alumni Database editable only by Alumni? Need to give the Service Chair access to post points, but only permit members to see them? Not a problem! With GroupSync, we’ll walk you through the details of each site, section, list, or database so you can choose how you want it customized. Our system is so flexible making it each to tailor your GroupSync based on the leadership structure of your group.



With your GroupSync subscription, you’ll receive our dedicated on-site, phone or email support. If you ever need anything, we’ll be here for you!

Free New Features

Free new features.

We continue to update our features list based on feedback we receive from current customers and prospects. As a customer, you’ll receive access to any new feature absolutely free! We’ve been in your shoes, so we’re constantly trying to improve group communication, membership retention and overall group management! Get organized and stay effective with GroupSync!